District Rj-1 (Calhan) PowerPass Fast Facts

District Rj-1 PowerPass Fast Facts:

  1. The student’s login will be CA[Student Id #].
  2. For a student with the ID # of 12345, their login would be CA12345.
  3. The student’s PINs begin with CA and then the two-digit day and year of their birthdate (ex. 0110)
  4. For a student with the birthday January 1, 2010, their PIN would be CA0110.
  5. Student cards have the profile of STUDENT
  6. Students are allowed to check out five items and have five holds at a time. However, Interlibrary Loans are not permitted on these accounts.
  7. Student accounts can access eLibrary and Research resources as well as PCs in the libraries.
  8. Student accounts are blocked at $10 which prevents further checkouts of physical materials.