Landscape Changes at Library 21c

Turf Conversion in progress

This summer the lawn and landscaping around Library 21c will undergo a turf conversion. This involves replacing non-native, manicured turf (lawn) with grasses native to our region. This is part of an initiative to be better stewards of our water and budget resources.

The landscaped areas of Library 21c currently consist of more than 1.5 acres of Kentucky Bluegrass turf which is a high-maintenance, high-resource using plant material. The cost to irrigate and provide routine maintenance to the lawn continues to increase each year. According to the Library’s water use monitoring, costs to irrigate the existing lawn areas at Library 21c exceed $20,000 annually. Converting the lawn to native grasses could save the Library as much as 60 – 70% of this cost and it will also greatly reduce water consumption. This conversion project will free up future financial resources that may be put to better use helping the community with other programs and services.

Over the next several months the Library will be working with Fisk Landscaping on the turf conversion. In general, the conversion includes adapting the irrigation system to serve the new grasses; killing the existing lawn; planting seeds for the new native “prairie”; watering for establishment and weed control; and installing sod where needed. The whole process is anticipated to take two growing seasons. This summer we will work on getting new native grass seeds germinated and growing, while next summer will focus on promoting healthy growth and establishing the native grass stand.

During the conversion process the Library asks patrons to please heed the warning signs to stay off of the lawn. This will help the conversion proceed as planned without unnecessary disturbance or damage to the new landscaping as it develops. We appreciate your cooperation.