Community Conversations: Building Police and Community Relations

Community Conversations: Building Police and Community Relations

Community Conversations at Pikes Peak Library District is a new series of monthly events that invites the public to discuss current events and issues impacting the Pikes Peak region. We want to promote civil dialogue and greater understanding of different perspectives.

Community Conversation: Building Police and Community Relations Part 2

Recent events have our community, like others around the nation, hurting. Biased policing has become a point of discussion as violence crossing racial lines has provoked racial tensions and led to large scale protests. Where do we go from here? How do we begin to build stronger and safer police and community relationships? There is a shared desire for safer communities, fair and unbiased law enforcement, and the ability for law enforcement to safely do their jobs throughout our community. How do we get there?

ImportantThe Community Conversation scheduled for Thu., July 30 has been rescheduled!

Join us for a virtual community conversation on this important issue. Program will include panel discussion and small group discussion. Panelists include:

  • Stephany Rose Spaulding, Associate Professor of Women’s and Ethnic Studies UCCS, Senior Pastor - Ebenezer Baptist Church
  • Yolanda Avila, Colorado Springs City Council Member District 4
  • Leslie Herod, Colorado State Representative, District 8
  • Chief Vince Niski, Colorado Springs Chief of Police

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Keep an eye on our calendar to join us for future conversations on timely and relevant topics to the Pikes Peak region. More information to come on locations and times!
Please note topics may change:

  • August: Immigration
  • September: 2020 Election: Concerns and Aspirations
  • October: Police Relations
  • November: Military and Veterans