D20 PowerPass Fast Facts

District 20 PowerPass Fast Facts:

  1. The student’s login will be asd [student ID #].
  2. For a student with the ID # of 12345, their login would be asd12345.
  3. The student’s pin number will be a random 8-digit number that they will be given by the school.
  4. Upon login, the system will prompt the student to change the pin number to between 4-10 characters, using either all letters, all numbers, or a combination of the two
  5. Student cards have the profile of STUDENT
  6. Students are allowed to check out five items and have five holds at a time. However, Interlibrary Loans are not permitted on these accounts.
  7. Student accounts can access eLibrary and Research resources as well as PCs in the libraries.
  8. Student accounts are blocked at $10 which prevents further checkouts of physical materials.

If a parent does not wish for their child to use PowerPass, they may opt out at the child's school. Contact Carol Bramschreiber, Technology Integration and Library Specialist, carol.bramschreiber@asd20.org.