Dinorama Take & Make


Materials for this Take & Make, for ages 5-12, will be available at area PPLD libraries beginning November 10, 2023.

Materials and Directions:

Materials We Provide:
Plastic Cup, paper base, dinosaur
Materials You Provide:
Colored Pencils, crayons, and/or markers, paper scraps, scissors, glue, natural objects.
1. If possible, go outside and collect small natural objects to use in your dinorama. You might consider pinecones and or needles, pebbles, leaves, and such.
2. Use paper scraps to make other items such as trees, water features, and food to create your dinosaur habitat.
3. Create the habitat to your liking.
4. Check that the cup will fit over the top.
5. Glue the inside pieces down.
6. Glue the cup over the top.