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As of right now (1/14/2022), OverDrive does not have any updates on Libby app availability in the Kindle Fire app store. Users with a Kindle Fire can access Libby in the Fire browser by going to libbyapp.com. Additionally, they will not be removing the OverDrive app from the Kindle Fire store at this time, so even after 2/23/22, users will be able to download the OverDrive app to their Kindle Fire.

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  • Libby’s minimum iOS version is now iOS 10. To use Libby on an iOS device, users are required to update their device’s operating system to iOS 10 or newer. These are the steps to help iOS users update their operating system version.
  • The legacy OverDrive for Mac desktop app is only supported on macOS versions 10.12.1 through 10.14.
  • Users on legacy web browsers may experience issues loading libbyapp.com or your OverDrive website and should upgrade to a newer browser version, if possible.

Has your library card number changed?

Please Contact OverDrive to ask them move existing holds/checkouts from your prior account number to your new account number. You will need to create an Overdrive account with the new number before making the request. You will also need to provide the old and new library card numbers in the form.

Using a Chromebook?

The OverDrive Media Console and mobile apps are not compatible with the Google Chrome (Chromebook) operating system as it is a Linux based operating system.