Eclipse Chalk Art


Materials for this eclipse Take and Make will be available at area PPLD libraries beginning Friday, October 13, 2023.

Materials and Instructions

Materials Included in Take and Make:
Black paper
Circle template
White, non-toxic chalk
You provide:
Masking Tape

OPTIONAL: Brightly colored construction paper or foam sheets for cut-out horizon detail.

Instructions: See pdf file below for more pictures and science information.
1. Place the template on a piece of dark paper. Secure with a loop of masking tape or simply hold down with one hand.
2. Draw a thick circle of chalk around the template. Go around 2 or 3 times. It does not need to be neat.
3. Holding the template in place, smudge the chalk away from the center of the circle using a finger to create the corona of the Sun.
4, When you are done smudging, remove the circle template.
5. Add words, pictures, or fun designs.