American History


  1. Covers themes, events, individuals and periods in U.S. history from pre-Colonial times to the present.

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Recommended Websites

  1. The Library of Congress presents a fun American history site which includes state information, brief biographies, a timeline and more.

  2. This is an enormous collection of Native American photographs taken by Edward S. Curtis. You may search by keyword, subject, tribe or geographic location.

  3. This site does a good job of outlining American history, from early America through the 20th century.

  4. This site has great interactive material. This section gives good introductions to many the major Indian tribes in North America.

  5. Learn about colonial life and have fun too.

  6. This PBS site outlines the American Revolution for everyone. The timeline is very helpful.

  7. This Smithsonian site offers all kinds of information and online exhibits about the history of Native Americans. This page explains some common misinformation.

  8. This PBS site talks about 16 different tribes who came in contact with the Lewis and Clark expedition. These are just some of the 50 tribes Lewis and Clark met on their journey across the western United States.

  9. This site has a lot of current tribal information and news. Look under "Articles" and "Special Features" for information on Native American clothing, tools, games, toys, food, and more.

  10. This is a fantastic site that contains a biographical dictionary of many western figures, including Native Americans. Click on Places and Resources for additional information on western history.

  11. This site presents 100 milestone documents in American History. Gives background information on each document and images of the originals.

  12. This is an overview A-Z style presentation of Black History in America. Simple, clear information.