Abraham, S. J.

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El Paso
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Colorado Springs, CO
Writer - Stay at home father

As a child raised in the Southwest United States on the border of one of the largest oil fields in the country, S. J. Abraham was a lonely nerd. With no interest in rodeo or baseball, he spent his time reading. His heroes were fictional characters and great novelists. It wasn’t long before he started scratching out his own stories. In recent years he has embraced his geekiness and has set to work turning his writing hobby into a career as a novelist. While he originally wrote for adults, he has since realized he is still fifteen at heart, so he now focuses on writing for young adults. S. J. lives in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, where all the exciting outdoor activities are wasted on him, though the ever-changing views fire his creativity like few things can. He spends the shreds of his free time playing with his wife, children, brothers, sisters, friends, nephews, and little nieces.

Bachelor of Arts, Multimedia Production - Associate of Arts, English and Literature - Associate of Science, Media Production
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Writing art and craft - Technology - Video production - Web design - Graphic design - Indie press