Doolan-Fox, Ann
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Colorado Springs, CO

It has been my immense pleasure to have lived in beautiful Colorado Springs since the summer of 1995 when my husband and I moved here after his retirement from the USAF at LA AFB. We both met in Holland after I had lived/survived in six different countries around Europe with a Dream of someday getting back to the United States to live. It was a Dream that I never gave up on since growing up as a little girl in Dublin, Ireland.

I was thrilled to have acquired my US Citizenship (finally!) in Denver in September of 1998...woo-hoo!! My Goal going forward is to motivate one and all into NEVER ever giving up on your own DREAMS as you, and only you can MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Looking forward to meeting readers of Celtic Road Home in the not
too distant future!!!

Spanish/English Teaching Aptitude Certificate, Official School of Languages, Madrid, Spain - St. Mary's Holy Faith Convent, Dublin, Ireland (High School Diploma)
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Motivating one and all to pursue their own individual DREAM and to never take NO for an answer.....we only get one life so why not give it your best shot!!
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I had a wonderful surprise today, met this dear lady! She is a very good motivator. I plan to buy her book this week.

Hello Deborah, THANK YOU so very much for your kind comment on the PPLD web page. It was extremely thoughtful of you to take precious time out of your day to create this. I hope you enjoy the read and that it will INSPIRE you to achieve some of your very own Life Dreams and Goals. Bless you and Slainte!

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