Henderson, Jim

Birth City
Hill AFB
Birth State
Current Location
Colorado Springs, CO

Jim Henderson is a writer of fun, varied, and technically sound science fiction adventures with a bit of exploration of the human condition. He is also a long-term Air Force veteran and a cybersecurity professional with decades of experience in intelligence, communications, computers, and cyber operations. He has been a life-long aficionado of science fiction in almost every form - books, movies, TV, and games (role-playing, tabletop, and computer). When not mentally exploring the universe, he lives with his wife, stepson, and 2 dogs in Colorado Springs. He enjoys hiking in the mountains of Colorado, kayaking on its lakes, spending time with his family, and playing games.

Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science - CISSP - CAP – CSSP – C/CISO
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Colorado Authors League, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, National Space Society, Rocky Mountain Mars Society, ISSA, ISC^2
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