Pelletier, Darla

Pelletier, Darla
D.J. Seddon
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Colorado Springs, CO

DJ Seddon, a Massachusetts native began her writing experience with her sister at the age of 12 with a 100 page children's mystery book. Writing has always been a passion of hers and so when the opportunity presented itself again through her photography, DJ decided to write about the butterfly and fly in North Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs who were always together in every photo she took. The "I" in the title then easily became the character, Elissa who is the modeled after her daughter, Elissa.​ ​​ Besides writing and photography, DJ plays piano, on which she composed the music, "Innocence and Splendor a Colorado Portrait". She grew up figure skating in the Berkshires of MA and has danced ballet for many years in Florida and Colorado. She has also played the flute with several musical groups in CT, FL and CO. ​ DJ is married to her husband, Dale and has two children, Tom and Elissa. They reside in Colorado Springs, CO.

Honored by the Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary at a tea, May 2013
International Music Syndicate - piano and music composition training (the book includes a CD with a piece of original music which the author composed)
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Member, International Music Syndicate, Colorado Springs - Member/donor, Children for Children Organization, Colorado Springs
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The making of my book, "Butterfly, Fly, and I Explore Colorado", how it relates to Colorado, and the Waldo Canyon Fire which destroyed our home.