Tapper, Emil

Emil Tapper
E.T. Gunnarsson
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Colorado Springs
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Colorado Springs, CO
Author and student

E.T. Gunnarsson translates imagination into words for a living. His debut book Forgive Us was awarded Best Sci-Fi book in the 2021 San Francisco Book Festival and Best Post-Apocalyptic Book in the 2021 Fiction Awards.

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains (9,000 feet altitude!), E.T. now resides in southern Colorado with his dwarfed Cane Corso and his lifelong interest in Norse myth and culture. A storyteller from an early age, Mr. Gunnarsson spent his formative years developing his writing skills on international roleplay sites.

Outside of writing, E.T. is a well-versed individual. He trained with two different Olympic squads, is an expert in Norse mythology, an experimental cook, a woodcarver, an avid action roleplay gamer, a Judo brown belt, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt.

It’s easy to find E.T. on Facebook and Instagram: just search for his name. His legendary interviews can be found on Youtube and other websites. Or, visit https://bragipress.com to reach his publisher.

Winner, Post-Apocalyptic – 2021 American Fiction Awards
Winner, Science Fiction – 2021 San Francisco Book Festival
Finalist, Science Fiction – 2021 Best Book Awards
Honorable Mention, Science Fiction – 2021 Hollywood Book Festival
Honorable Mention, Science Fiction – 2021 New York Book Festival
Runner Up, Science Fiction/Horror – 2022 New York Book Festival
Honorable Mention, Science Fiction – 2022 San Francisco Book Festival
James Madison High School, 2020, Summa cum laude
Local Authors Genres
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Speaker Availability
Speaker Topics
The Odemark series, Norse Mythology, muscle cars, and Brazil Jiu-Jitsu