Memorials Policy


A memorial is created when money or material is donated to add books or other materials to the collection, usually in memory or honor of an individual or group. The library welcomes suggestions for purchases, but reserves the right to the final decision regarding all materials. A memorial may be placed in the library collection, either for reference or circulating use. The library will insert a memorial book plate for memorial items. For more information on making a memorial donation, please contact Collection Management at 719-531-6333 x6152.

Memorial funds

Groups or individuals may work with the Collection Management Librarian and Development Officer to set up memorial funds for larger or long-term purchases of materials or to set up standing arrangements for purchases of memorials. The library reserves the right to accept or reject any such proposed fund, standing arrangement or donation of funds. Proceeds from investments for these funds and additional contributions to them will be used to purchase materials for memorials. Please see PPLD's Collection Development Policy for more information.