PPLD's Reconsideration Request

A reconsideration request begins when a patron presents a concern about an item in the collection to a staff member in the library, in person or by phone call. The staff member determines if the patron would like help finding alternate titles that meet their needs. If the patron would like to speak with a manager about the title, their contact info and the nature of their concern are provided to a manager. Requests from people residing outside of the PPLD service area are not eligible for the reconsideration process.

The manager arranges a time for a phone call or meeting with the patron to discuss their concerns more in depth. During that conversation, the manager will listen to the patron and provide background information on the title, as well as the steps to proceed to a formal reconsideration request. If the patron wishes to proceed with a formal request, the manager provides a form to the patron to complete.

When the patron returns the form, the Chief Public Services Officer & Deputy Chief Librarian assembles a group of at least three librarians to review the title. The librarians work separately and read or view the complete work. They each reply to a questionnaire that includes questions such as whether they think the title should remain in the collection and if it is shelved in the appropriate area.

The librarians’ reviews and recommendations are shared with the Chief Librarian & CEO, who makes the final decision, which is shared with the Board of Trustees. A letter with the decision and a compilation of the librarians’ reviews are sent to the patron.