InformationNo reservation needed to copy, fax, and scan documents at our Library locations! Learn more about what you can expect during your visit during the pandemic.

Open hours and specific services may vary by Library location, so please check in advance. The first hour is reserved for people at higher risk of serious complications from COVID-19.

PPLD offers scanning services at all Library locations.

PPLD offers faxing services at Calhan Library, East Library, Fountain Library, Library 21c, Manitou Springs Library, Penrose Library, and Sand Creek Library.


  • Scanning is free
  • Scanner sizes are 8.5x11 and 11x17
  • Storage media varies by location (USB, email, smartphones, Google Drive, etc). Contact your library for specifics.



How would I receive a fax at the library

Hi there. Manitou Springs Library is the only location receiving incoming faxes. It costs $.10 per page. Their fax number is (719) 685-9142.

Does the everyday free copies also covers fax as well

Are you able to digitize photos, or just pages?

Are there any scanners that can convert photo negatives to digital files?


Both Library 21c and East have converters. The machines are generally available whenever the library is open and all you will need is an SD memory card. If you have any questions, please call the Makerspace at 719-884-9800 x6364.

Thank you.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your question. PPLD offers VHS converters at East Library and Library 21c, near the makerspaces. These converters are available during our standard operating hours, and can copy a VHS tape over to a DVD-R or DVD+R disc, but not to a digital format. Please note, you must supply your own recordable discs. Also, a VHS tape can only be copied if the copyright/overwriting protection tab is intact, and not removed.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions, and thanks for contacting us!
-PPLD Librarian

Does the library offer notary services?

So I was wondering at the sand creek library they give out free sheets of paper to print but I was wanting to know how many do you guys give out.

Hi Diane,
Would you mind giving a little further explanation? We have fax cover sheets that we have available for patrons to use as well as Colorado and Federal 1040 tax forms.
Thank you,
Jake Rundle
Library Manager
Sand Creek Library

Can you scan photographic film? If so, what sizes can be scanned?


The photographic film scanners at Library 21c and East can scan 35mm film, negatives, and slides. The will scan onto an SD card in a jpeg format.

Do you have a Spine binder punch to bind multiple pages of 8 x11 copies?


Unfortunately, we do not have those at any of our branches.


Yes, our microfilm readers located in the Special Collections department of the Penrose library and at the East library do have print capability. Many local news articles and obituaries can be obtained virtually, as well, through our Pikes Peak Newsfinder local newspaper index. Please feel free to reach out to us with any specific questions you may have and we'll be happy to help. 719-531-6333 x1253

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