Take and Make: Rainbow Spinner


Materials for this Take and Make project, for ages 5-12, will be available at area PPLD libraries beginning Friday, August, 11, 2023.

Materials and Directions:

Materials we provide:

Paper strips and circles

Glue Dots


Materials you provide:


Glue Stick

Glue gun, optional (for adult use)

Pin, optional

Pencil, optional

Directions: click on the file link below to see more information.
1. Cover the back side of a circle with glue and attach 2 of the strips directly across from each other. Add more glue and 2 more strips. Continue until you have all 8 strips evenly spaced.
Put glue on the back of another circle and use it to cover your strips to secure them in place.

2. Do the same with your remaining circles and the other ends of your strips.

3. Poke a hole through the center of each hole. Use a pin to start your hole, if desired. You can also use your pencil to make the bottom hole a little bigger than the skewer.

4. Push the skewer through the bottom hole, up through the center of the spinner, through one of your glue dots, and slightly out the top hole. Secure the point with an additional glue dot. An adult could also secure these using the glue gun.

5. After the glue has dried a few minutes, spin it by rubbing the end of the skewer between your hands.