Thaumatrope Take and Make


Take and Makes for this project, for ages 5-12, will be available at area PPLD libaries beginning July 14, 2023.

A thaumatrope is an optical toy that teaches persistence of vision.” The name thaumatrope means “wonder turner."

Materials and Directions:

Materials we provide:
cardstock templates

Materials you need to provide:
Pencils, crayons, markers

We have provided two options for this activity.

Option One:
Cut out the circles with the printed templates.

Option Two:
Cut out the blank circles. With one on top of the other, draw an image on the top circle. If youpress firmly with your pencil as you draw, you will be able to see the image on the bottom circle to better align your images. Draw a complimentary image on the second circle.
Both options:
Tape the end of a straw to the back of one circle. Carefully align and tape the other circle back-to-back with the first one.
Here are some ideas:
Bird in a cage (bird on one side, cage on the other)
Emojis (face on one side, yellow circle on the other)
Butterflies in a jar (butterflies on one side, jar on the other)
Giraffe with spots (solid giraffe on one side, giraffe outline with spots on the other)
Spider in a web (spider on one side and web on the other)
Fish in a bowl (fish on one side and bowl on the other)
Rocket on the moon (rocket on one side, moon on the other)
Dueling lightsabers (one lightsaber on each side)

Spin the Spin the straw between your hands. As it spins, the two pictures will appear to blend into one.