Download the new PPLD app!

PPLD's AppDownload the new Pikes Peak Library District app! Our brand new app is fast and easy to use. It offers streamlined management of your library card account, and access to all the online resources your library card has to offer! You can:

  • Place holds
  • Track checkouts
  • Manage your account
  • Access ebooks, music, and other online resources
  • Access PPLD research databases
  • and so much more!

Download now at:


Will this also be available on the Amazon App Store?

Currently our new mobile app is not available for the Kindle. We are working with the vendor to provide this option but no set release date has been given. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime Kindle users can use the Overdrive app (or other library vendor apps) to manage eBooks and eAudiobooks.

Is there any way to sort the list based on queue order? Also, the information displayed "PLACED" or the other one (sorry I don't have my phone with me) is not useful at all. Of course the hold is placed, it is on my list! Better information would be "pick up by <date>' or queue position. I realize this might have to go back to the App provider, but it would be a good change request. Thanks.

To Chris S,
There currently is not a way to sort the hold queue in order however, you can see the queue position of a hold by tapping on the one in question. We have requested the vendor add this feature but, as of yet, there is no release date for it.

I have an iPhone SE and in the App Store, I can see the new library app, but the “get” button is grayed out. I can’t download the new app.

As long as your phone has ios8 or later you should be able to download the app. You may wish to check your settings to see if you can download free apps automatically (or if you can download apps by entering your Apple ID). If you have further difficulties please go to and we will be able assist you further.

It is disappointing and frankly confusing that a library would put out a new app that withdraws the ability to use kindle.

Unfortunately the library's new app does not offer a Kindle version. We've been in conversation with the vendor and hope to have it added. Unfortunately they have not given us a date when that version will be released.

Afternoon Bobby,

The library's mobile can be found in either iPhone or other OSs app store by typing in Pikes Peak Library. However we did have some technical difficulties a while go which led to the mobile app not being available in the iPhone app store. The problem was rectified and patrons can now find our mobile app by typing Pikes Peak Library.

I checked out two books via the app and downloaded them, but they don't open when I click on them. How do I open them?

Hi there. We're sorry you are having trouble downloading the app. Please feel free to call us at 719-389-8968 for assistance.

Thank you for your comment on the library's mobile app. There are many different types of phones available so some font sizes may appear large on certain phones. One option that may be of help is to move the icons on the phone around so less used icons are on the bottom. To do so go to your My Account and select Preferences. From there you can re-order your icons is your preferred order.

How can I fix this without coming into a library so that I can continue to read virtually?

Dear PPLD:

I couldn't find a place via the app, to contact PPLD about a conversation had between us about one of my check outs. Is there an email link to send correspondence via the app?

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