Gabardi, GaGa

GaGa Gabardi (L) and Judilee Butler (R)

Graduating from college, my one thought was to leave Minnesota and live where the weather is phenomenal, but I never made it to southern California!

I retired from a career in telecom with a Master's in Project Management, another in Business, and an advanced project degree from Stanford (thank you corporate world).

Completing my private pilot license I needed money for 'av' fuel....back to work. This time consulting, teaching, course development...a welcome change along with a grandson who named me GaGa. Thank you, B.

Writing with Judilee is a way I can add levity within the confines of the pandemic, reach out to others sharing our mutual experiences, and fine-tune my storytelling.

Hubby and I live in the Colorado mountains. It's an easy pace for us with enough space to enjoy camping, fishing, and riding the rough mountain trails. I can't make up these experiences!

I hope you enjoy The Last Hurrah, The Last Slide, and The Last Line, get a chuckle here and there, learn a bit regarding Colorado history, and at the end, wonder what happens next.

Find out more about co-author Judilee Butler at her author profile found here.

The Last Hurrah - 2021 CIPA EVVY Bronze Award, Mystery/Crime/Detective Category
The Last Hurrah - 2021 Colorado Authors League (CAL) Finalist, Cozy Mystery Category
Books That Take You Away (Colorado Country Life, Nov. 2021)
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