Arangno, Lorraine

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Colorado Springs, CO
On faculty of the Department of Philosophy, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

After receiving degrees in Philosophy, Biology, and Psychology at Mercer University, Dr. Arangno received an MA at the University of Georgia, and her PhD at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She served on the Medical Ethics Committee at Rose Medical Center, Denver, CO, and the St. Francis Ethics Committee in Colorado Springs, CO. She also served on the Chancellor's Advisory Committee at UCCS, and now serves as a member of the Student Retention Program. Current interests and research include: the ethical standing of foster care children; the humane treatment of animals destined for slaughterhouses; the concept of personhood in non-human animals; and the philosophical principles involved in the "Freedom to Roam" initiative.

PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder - MA, University of Georgia - Bachelor of Arts degrees, Mercer University
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Ethics - Animal welfare - Medical ethics - Classical philosophers