Fristoe, Angela

Young adult author and elementary educator

Angela was born and raised on the Canadian prairies. She spent her summer days running down the coulis listening to the gentle rattle of the not-so-friendly snakes and her winters trekking through the snow to go tobogganing at the local park. As a child, she had grand aspirations of becoming the next Jane Goodall or Dian Fossey and amassed a huge collection of stuffed monkeys and gorillas until she realized that nature just wasn't her thing, particularly in light of her aversion to insects and bugs.

She decided kids were close enough to monkeys that teaching was the next best thing. After earning her her degree from the University of Alberta, she spent the next decade living and working across the United States, before home sickness kicked in and she returned to Canada.

Angela continues to immerse herself in the book world. When not teaching, she is writing angst-filled stories for teens, and steamy romances for adults. She has also merged her love of art with her love of books to develop Covered Creatively, her book cover design business.

Bachelor of Education Degree, University of Alberta
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