Grant, Khadija

Author Khadija Grant
Current Location
Colorado Springs, CO

Khadija Grant is a proud mother of three little girls and the author of two amazing books. She has published The Influenced, an inspirational book that encourages the reader to look beyond their current situation and to take control of their destiny, as well as an entrepreneurial book for children called You Can Start One Too! Her passion for writing realistic fiction started after she sent stories to her husband while he was deployed in Iraq. After hearing how it impacted his tour, each book she wrote was written to entertain, yet inspire her readers. Khadija is from Cleveland, Ohio, and when she is not writing, you can find her creating doll shows with her children or watching a TED Talks episode. Her dream is to touch as many lives as possible, especially those who come from unfortunate circumstances and help to build them up to become bold enough to fight for their dreams.

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