Petterson, Adrienne

Petterson, Adrienne
Current Location
Fountain, CO
Travel writer - Nature photographer - Artist

Adrienne has lived in Fountain since 2013 and is originally from South Africa. She adores nature and has been a photographer for more years than she cares to admit. Having discovered so much to photograph in her own backyard (she refers to everywhere as her "backyard"), a book of her work was the logical next step. Her Backyard Snapshots book is an eBook, with 150 full color photos! Her book is for all ages, and she is particularly keen for children to read and enjoy this book as the message inside is to stop and look. Her book is available from and readable on most devices, which is great, as you're not restricted to using a Kindle. Visit her website at to see more wildlife photos, her art work and her travel stories.

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