Wright, Shelly

Wright, Shelly
Shelly Goodman Wright
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Colorado Springs, CO
Author - Teacher - Homeschooling mom

As a young, vicious reader, Shelly Goodman Wright spent most of her time, either in the restricted reading section of the library, or scribbling away in journals. Shelly’s first novel A Light into the Darkness earned a Puddly Award in 2013 and in 2015 was nominated for Family Fiction's top ten books. In 2016, she completed and published her third novel in the Twisted Roots series and started teaching creative writing classes at High Country Home Educators. Currently she is working on an apocalyptic romance which can only be described as a cross between Left Behind and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Shelly lives in Colorado with her husband Tim, three daughters, two dogs, and three guinea pigs.

Goodreads - Best Christian Fiction
Powell's Bookstore winner 2012 of the Puddly Awards
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Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group - Fiction Foundry
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I love writing. Just give me a topic and I can speak for hours. My passion is helping others tell their story. I'm not so strong on the grammar side, but can efficiently show another writer how to grow in the craft of writing. Telling vs Showing...active voice, passive voice, tense shifts (more conceptual). I also love working with young writers and building on their passion for the written word. I know a lot about writing critique groups as well and have been a part of one since 2009--the best way to grow as a writer :-)