Regional History and Genealogy

Regional History and Genealogy is open! Our hours are Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome. If you would like us to pull archival materials prior to your visit, please call us at (719) 531-6333, x1253. We also continue to assist with research questions virtually. Please contact us by phone or by email with questions.

Regional History and Genealogy - PPLD's Special Collections Regional history and genealogy collections at Pikes Peak Library District are held by Special Collections in the 1905 Carnegie Library. The Regional History collection includes books, maps, manuscripts and archives, photographs, oral histories, films and videos, government documents, pamphlets, periodicals, and other materials related to the history of the Pikes Peak region. The Genealogy collection contains extensive family history research materials, covering the entire United States from Colonial times to the present, including books, periodicals, and access to major genealogical databases.


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Many of the resources can be used for both genealogy research or research on the region.


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