Reserve a Computer

PPLD offers free Internet, Microsoft Office, and database access at all of our locations.

ImportantBy logging into PPLD's network to access the Internet, you agree to abide by PPLD's Internet Use Policy.

Reserving a Computer

  • Patrons may only use their own library card to reserve a computer.
  • Computers can be reserved once per day and sessions generally last for 55 minutes.
  • Additional 15 minute session may be offered, depending on availability.
  • Reservations are held for 10 minutes before they are released for use by other patrons.

In person:

  1. Locate your library's Reservation Station.
  2. Enter the date and time you'd like to reserve the computer, your library card number, and your PIN. You can reserve a computer without a library card by presenting your photo ID to staff at the information desk.

By phone:

  1. Reservations can be made up to one week in advance by phone.
  2. Call your library and provide your library card number and PIN.


  • Patrons get $1.00 printing credit that can be used on black and white ($0.10/page) or color ($0.25/page) prints.
  • Black and white pages are $0.10 each for library guests.
  • Color pages are $0.25 each for library guests.


  • Documents cannot be saved on PPLD computers. Once your session ends, all computers are reset and all work saved on the computer is removed.
  • Patrons are responsible for saving their work on their own devices, such as USB drives.
  • USB drives can be purchased at the information desk, subject to availability.