Application Timeline for PPLD Jobs

Status terminology:

Open: Applicants are invited to apply for the job.

Applications under review: The hiring manager is reviewing the application, resume, cover letter (if applicable) for each of the applicants.

Supervisor Conduction Interviews: Shortlisted candidates are being interviewed.

Position Filled: A candidate has been shortlisted and the position has been filled.

Reposted; Search extended: The job has been reposted. If you have already applied, your application and supporting documentation is already in the Applicant Tracking System for the job.

Position Closed: Position has been closed with no candidate selection.


Timeline for selection process at PPLD:

Week 1, Week 2: Job posting to closing : 15 days. Job postings may be posted longer if requested by the hiring manager.

Week 3, Week 4: Hiring manager reviews applications, resumes and cover letters for each of applicants and interviews selected candidates.

Week 4: Hiring manager conducts reference checks for shortlisted candidates.

Week 5, Week 6: Once selected, the new hires fill out hiring paperwork and background verification process begins The background verification process takes 7 – 15 days.

Week 7, Week 8: New hire orientation and onboarding process.


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