Book Review: Secrets and Scones: A Secret Recipe Book

Secrets and Scones: A Secret Recipe Book
Remington, Laurel
3 stars = Pretty Good

Scarlett’s mom is writing a blog and Scarlett seems to be the star – or perhaps victim. All of her embarrassing moments are being shared with the readers and it’s uncomfortable to go to school knowing that her classmates know all of her secrets. Scarlett’s answer is to become boring, but boring is – well – boring. When Scarlett discovers a spectacular kitchen in the house next door, she gives in to temptation and tries it out. In the process, she makes a new friend and discovers the secret ingredient in family and friendships. A fun read that encourages reaching out to others, making friends, and cooking.

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As a teacher, this book is amazing, and most of my girls love it. Mostly every single time we do a group circle and choose our book of the month, the girls have always chosen Secrets and Scones. Even Ive read it and its full of emotion, sadness, happiness, etc. Great pick for the kids. Reading level I'd say is for late 4th grade readers through early 7th graders. HUGE recommendation.

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