Book Review: The Simple Art of Flying

Leonardo, Cory
4 stars = Really Good

The somewhat thick juvenile book- The Simple Art of Flying- is a good read with someone who loves imagining what our pets really think. Their 'secret side'.

Alastair, the African Grey parrot, lives a dull life inside a pet shop with his bright, eager sister, Aggie. This somewhat sarcastic, yet hilarious narrator is the real reason for the book's amazingness. One boy who helps out at the shop, aspiring doctor and/or vet, Fritz, takes a shine to Aggie. He starts saving up his money to buy her. She thinks that Fritz means to buy both of them, and Alastair doesn't have the heart to tell her otherwise. A little while after Aggie is taken home with Fritz, an eccentric old woman by the name of Albertina Plopky decides to adopt Alastair, though he is very much against it. The book is mostly about his time at her home, while he devises plans on how to go and get Aggie. The book had a few plot twists that made it all the more surprising and enjoyable. One quirky habit Alastair has that adds to the plot and style of the book is: he likes to eat paper. From books, posters, or newspapers, he eats it, and somehow senses what the words are saying, and the story behind the strip. A good read for a rainy afternoon.

Reviewer's Grade: 7th

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