Book Review: Swift

Anderson, R. J.
4 stars = Really Good

The Flight and Flame Trilogy - Here is the legend-like tale of Ivy of the Delve: how a wingless piskey girl (considered least among her people) ends up learning how to fly and eventually becoming the queen of her tribe. It is also a murderer's story of redemption: readers familiar with the character of Martin (introduced in the previous Faery Rebels/No Ordinary Fairy Tale series) will witness a transformation of villain-to-hero.This trilogy is both its own story and a semi-continuation of the first series. Readers will be able to briefly catch up with some of the characters in the previous books, as some of them play important new roles.
In Swift, the first volume, R.J. Anderson expands her world of magical folk even more to include the piskeys of Cornwall: a race of faerylike people who are adamantly against associating with faeries and, especially, their ancient enemies the spriggans. Seventeen-year old Ivy, however, ends up breaking these traditions when she meets a stranger who offers to reunite her with her lost mother. She discovers a world beyond her tiny one that is both beautiful and dangerous, filled with secrets and mysteries, and discovers her people are in grave danger and that she, with help, is the only one who can save them. Swift is a bit darker than the previous series, but it sets the stage for an even more epic adventure in book two - don't miss it!

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