Book Review: Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs. Edna, The Very First Chicken

Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs. Edna, The Very First Chicken
Rees, Douglas
3 stars = Pretty Good

Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs Edna The Very First Chicken is a thoroughly enjoyable read. What caught my eye first is the adorable chicken on the cover with the very big eyes, eyes that remind me of a young child exploring their world for the first time. Inside I found Edna, who is a small thing not to be underestimated and Rex, who is a big thing intent on taking what he wants. The story demonstrates that size does not matter when you believe in yourself and stand for what is important for yourself and your community, in this case, survival. The illustrations are wonderful adding character to Rex and Edna and coloring a world long gone, a great read for children. However, the end of the story left me thinking about the impact our actions ultimately have on others, in this case Rex. He only wanted breakfast and was denied the opportunity to eat, leading to an end of the Rex.

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