3D Printers

3D Printers are available by reservation at all makerspace locations. Walk-ins are permitted, but usage of the machine cannot be guaranteed. To reserve a 3D printer, please visit our equipment reservation page. 3D printers allow people to create physical objects from three-dimensional models. PPLD's printers use a process that heats and lays down thin layers of plastic on top of each other. PPLD provides a variety of filament types and colors for use with our 3D printers at a low cost. Patrons are not allowed to bring outside filament for use with PPLD machines.

A few things you can make:

  • prototypes
  • replacement parts
  • jewelry and accessories
  • game pieces and toys

These machines require badging before use. Badging can be done virtually. For more information and to get badged, visit our LibGuide on 3D printing

Prusa MK4

Location Quantity
East Library 2
Library 21c, Make II 3
Sand Creek Library 1

LulzBot Mini

Location Quantity
Manitou Springs Library 2