Computers & Software - Makerspace

PPLD provides both PC and Mac options loaded with a variety of specialty software including photo and video editing, sound editing, 3D modeling, animation, and CAD design. 

Software East Library Library 21c Sand Creek Library
Adobe Creative Cloud Suite X X X
Adobe Gaming SDK     X
Android SDK   X  
Blender X X X
Brother PE Design Plus X X X
Cura Lulzbot Edition X X X
Gimp X X X
Inkscape X X X
Java Development Kit   X X
Lightwave   X X
Microsoft Office Suite X X X
Movie Maker X    
Silhouette Studio, Basic Edition X X X
SolidWorks 2022   X  
SolidWorks Tools 2022   X  
Steam   X  
Unity   X  
VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition   X X