Library Card Application

InformationIf you don’t remember the PIN for an existing PPLD account, please don’t apply for a new card. Click on "My Account" and then "Forgot My PIN." This option requires a valid email address in your PPLD account.

Print an Application

Print a library card application (en español, Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese), fill it out, and bring it to your local Library.


Apply Online

Completion of the online application allows access to most online resources.

Normally, the online application would require verification of an El Paso County address in person at a PPLD Library within 10 days, however temporary accounts will be given a 90-day grace period in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online application will ask you to select a preferred library. That selection does not prevent you from using any of the libraries to pick up holds or check out items. View a map of Library locations here.

Click here to proceed with the application.


You have to register online for a card, because the libraries are closed. Go to “get a library card online”.

Hello, I live in Pueblo but would like to access your on line library to give myself more reading options, is that possible?

Yes, you can get an out-of-district library card and you will have access to some PPLD services, including eLibrary. You can apply for a temporary card online. Before your temporary card expires in 10 days, please visit any Pikes Peak Library District location and show a picture ID and proof of current address. You will then receive your permanent library card. If you set up an Overdrive account with your temporary card, to access ebooks online, be sure to let us know when you come in to get your permanent card. Happy reading!

Click here to learn more about out-of-district (CLC/700) library cards.

How do I get a pin number for my library card?

I need my new email address to be changed to the above. Please let me know if this has been done? Thank you.

To update your email, phone, or street address, please call (719) 389-8968 and provide your library card number and PIN.

What can you use for verification of address? We just moved, so my I.D. still has my old address on it.

To get a PPLD library card, we will want a photo ID and something with your new address, such as rent agreement, insurance or bank statement, utility bill or other bill, voter registration, mortgage, etc. Welcome to Colorado Springs!

I'm a former resident of Colorado Springs now living in Laguna Niguel, CA. I there anyway to get access to these materials without visiting a local Colorado Sprints library. Would it be possible to scan an ID for submission or am I just out of luck from a remote location.
Regards, Gary Knutson formerly of 1314 W. Cheyenne Road

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer you access to our electronic materials as an out-of-state non-resident. However, your local library in Orange County does offer Overdrive services and should be able to give you access to their downloadable collection.

Having used my card for 28 years the last time I used it with overdrive I was informed my privilege had expired. I see no info on that here. I have no outstanding books, etc.. What's up and how to I restore the card?

PPLD Library accounts are set to expire every three years for the purpose of verifying address and contact information. You can do that by visiting or calling any of the library branches and your card privilege will be extended another three years.

i need to get a library card according to this site I can get on but have 10 days to bring in info?

Hi there. You can either print out the application and bring it in, or apply online. If you apply online, you have 10 days to bring in your ID and proof of address (if not on ID). NOTE: Completion of the online application only allows you to access OverDrive eMaterials.

Hello! I'm a legal resident of colorado, who is currently deployed. My library card expired. Is there any way for me to reenstated it while overseas?

Hello! My mother is 87 and doesn’t want to come in person to renew her card but would like to download library books on line. Is there any way she can renew her library card without coming down to the library? She does all her reading strictly on line.
Thank you.

She can do this over the phone call 389-8968 with the card number and she can verify needed information to update and renew for three years.

I recently moved here and am waiting on my birth certificate to get a colorado id i do have a valid az id tho . Do i need a colorado id?

It looks like my library card has expired. I still own a home and pay taxes in Colorado Springs but I currently live in Taiwan for my job. Is there a way I can send my Colorado ID and my rental home/ proof of residency to you over email?


Hello, I have tried numerous times to borrow a book on the overdrive account and it keeps telling me to add a library card. When I add my card it tells me that access has expired. Not sure what I need to do or why it has changed.
Thank you

I would like to have a ppld library card. I do not live in the city. I own property in the city. Why isn't this enough to qualify for a ppld card. I pay taxes on that property. It seems unfair to me to pay taxes in the city and yet can't use the library.

Hello, and thanks for your question.
You do not need to live within our library district borders to get a Pikes Peak Library District library card. Anyone who lives in the state of Colorado, but outside of the Pikes Peak Library district can get a card, and enjoy most of what we have to offer, including borrowing e-books/audio from our eLibrary.
You can start your application online, , or visit any of our library locations to get your library card. If you have further questions, you can call us at (719) 389-8968.
Thank you.

I was wondering if you would take a work ID and birth certificate to prove Identity and also would any mail with my name and current address suffice? such as a letter or another piece of mail that isn't necessarily an official document. I just moved and don't have any official documents coming in IE lease or utility bill or anything else.

Thanks for your question. A picture work ID, your birth certificate, and post marked mail with your name and current Colorado address, would suffice for getting a Pikes Peak District Library library card. You are welcome to initiate the process by filling out an online application- - or going to any of our locations.