PIN Information

What is a PIN?

Your PIN is a numerical password that is assigned to your account when you first receive a library card.

I forgot my PIN, or never knew what it was. How can I find out what it is?

Go to the PPLD Catalog and click on "Log In" or "My Account" and use the "Forgot My PIN" link to reset your PIN. This feature only works if there is a valid email address in your PPLD account.

Call any Library Location and staff will email your PIN to the email address we have listed in your account.

In Person
Visit any Library Location with your library card and picture ID with current address.

Guess at it
Try the last four digits of your phone number, birth year, ATM PIN, or other sequence of numbers you may have asked us to use. Most of our PIN numbers are four digits long.

How do I change my PIN?

To change your PIN, do the following:

  1. Login to My Account
  2. Under the 'Personal Information' tab, click on "'Change PIN' and follow the instructions


Hi there. You'll need to come to the library with picture ID with your current address (or a piece of mail with your current address if it's not on your ID) to retrieve your card number and PIN. You'll likely need to get a new card, which will cost $1.

When I click on lost my pin, I put in my card number and it says that an error occurred. Is there a certain amount of time that a library card will go inactive if I have not done anything with it in a while?

Library cards expire every three years. To find out if it has expired, call any library location. If you have to reinstate your card, please bring photo ID and proof of address to your nearest library location. Thanks!

I don't recall my password and am unable to log on. I don't recall when I last used my card. My previous email may have an been an aol account. Need to have periodic internet access, staying in Peyton with family

It gave me a temporary card number that said I could use specificly with overdrive but it’s saying it’s not correct

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your temporary card. For further assistance please call (719) 389-8968 and someone will assist you.

I am trying to apply for a new account, but in order to do that I need a PIN. I do not have an existing pin, so how am I supposed to make an account?

Hello, and thanks for your question!
When you apply online for a new library card, the section in the application that asks for a PIN, and then for you to re-enter the PIN, is the option for you to choose your own PIN. It is not asking for an existing PIN.
As mentioned on our website, this temporary account will now last for 90 days and allow access to most online resources, including Overdrive for ebooks.

Hello, thanks for your question.
If you want to get your account number you can go to any Pikes Peak Library District location, with a picture ID, and ask for your number. You can also receive a replacement card for $1 if you don't want to just write the number down, but there is no charge for requesting your number.
If your library card is lost, please notify any location that your card is lost to avoid someone else using your card.

I’ve been trying to verify my card and it won’t let me. Can anyone help please?

I lost my card and got a new card which has a new account number. When I tried to access my account on line, since it is under the old number, I was unable to log in. How do I establish an account with the new number?

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