Burke, Vincent

Author Vincent "Vicenzo" Burke
Birth City
Newport News
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Current Location
Colorado Springs, CO
Regional Senior Librarian Associate

Vincent Burke III is a cultural anthropologist and fiction writer who specializes in queer storytelling. His degree in Cultural Anthropology comes from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where he began writing short horror fiction in 2016. Soon after having published his first story, The Remains of Adrian Hewitt, Vincent began formulating a plan for Flesh and Bone, a sprawling series that would encompass his studies, his love of reading, and his own tumultuous past. Growing up in a divided house, Vincent's experiences with abuse and survival ultimately led him into the United States Army where he started developing an understanding of his own queerness and spirituality. After briefly serving as a combat engineer, Vincent moved back to Colorado where he began pursuing his degree in Anthropology at UCCS. Now living safely and comfortably with his boyfriend, best friend, and their cat, Orpheus, he spends the day reading, writing, playing lacrosse and thinking of the next best American novel.

BA in Cultural Anthropology, concentration in History and Memory
Published Works Book Jackets
Member of the Pikes Peak Library District - National Archives (Citizens Archivist)
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Speaker Topics
Queer Storytelling, Embracing Gay Spirituality, Writing as Therapy, Fiction as Healing.