Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Project - About Us

Current Poet Laureate: Ashley Cornelius

To contact or book the Poet Laureate, please email Ashley.Pikespeakpoetlaureate@gmail.com.




The Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Project builds a literary arts community through poetry by developing an appreciation of written and performance poetry and inspiring and celebrating poetry and poets in the Pikes Peak Region with dynamic programs of engagement, advocacy, and education.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Pikes Peak Poet Laureate The Pikes Peak Poet Laureate shall:

  • Serve for a four-year term.
  • Reside in El Paso or Teller County.
  • Present 10 events to the community per year.
  • Present six events to the community per year at the poet’s discretion and in conjunction with the PPPL Steering Committee, including but not limited to workshops, performances, educational outreach, and lectures. These events should reach a wide range of our community, be held in various venues, and embrace and support the diversity of the region.
  • Participate in four required appearances per year, such as: October Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Inauguration, City Council Arts Month Proclamation, and Leadership Pikes Peak Arts & Creativity Day.
  • Assist the steering committee with organizing a day-long poetry conference in April in celebration of National Poetry Month.
  • In the event of a selection of a Youth Poet Laureate, provide mentorship and support.
  • Be available for, and participate in, media interviews.
  • Be identified on the PPPLP website and in promotional materials for the program.
  • Be able to represent the PPPLP in public to a wide variety of age groups, socio-economic groups, and to all levels of educational attainment.
  • At the discretion of the Laureate, present a proposal for a culminating project or publication, to be approved by the Steering Committee, for additional compensation.

Compensation The Pikes Peak Poet Laureate will receive $10,000 over four years for performing all required duties, with an optional additional $1,000 for a culminating project in the second year of the term.

  • Base Honorarium per year: $2,000
  • $500 per PPPLP-led event (to include speaking fees, supplies, etc.) for six events per year: $3,000
  • Optional culminating project in second year of term: $1,000

Duties and Responsibilities of the Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Steering Committee PPLD and the Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Project Steering Committee shall:

  • Plan, implement, and promote the program and its mission in the community.
  • Protect the Poet Laureate’s First Amendment rights.
  • Communicate and coordinate with the Poet Laureate for appearances and media interviews.
  • Provide guidance and collaboration for the Poet Laureate while they are in office, including approving the six yearly events and the optional culminating project.
  • Assist the Poet Laureate in organizing the April Poetry Conference.
  • Manage the budget and disburse program payments.
  • Appoint and oversee the jurors who will select the Poet Laureate.

Anticipated Timeline

  • Thu., July 15: PPPLP application submissions open
  • Sun., Aug. 15: PPPLP application submission deadline
  • Mid-September: new Poet Laureate selected and notified
  • Sat., Oct. 23: PPPLP Inauguration Celebration (details TBD)
  • April 2022: Regional Poetry Conference
  • September 2022: Leadership Pikes Peak Arts & Creativity Day
  • October 2022: City Council Arts Month Proclamation
  • April 2023: Regional Poetry Conference
  • October 2023: City Council Arts Month Proclamation