Book Review: The City of Ember

DuPrau, Jeanne
5 stars = Bohemian Rhapsody Awesome!

The city of Ember is story of Lina Mayfleet, who wants to be a messenger in Ember, however she gets a job called the "pipe worker". Pipe workers have to work all they long in the deep sticky underground. However Doon, wants to be a electrician helper or pipe worker because he likes to work with machines, so he wants to see generator that makes electricity. However he gets job called "messenger", who runs all around the city and send messages to other citizens. Doon trade his job with Lina, and they both got job they want. Every thing is running out of the ember, lightbulb, food, energy, etc. Doon and Lina try to find the secret of the Ember, they try to find the way out of the Ember and for there future.

I give this book, the city of Ember 5-star rating. I loved this story because its adventurous and it hooks me in second page, also it makes reader to think about what's going to happen in future, and also makes readers want to read more and make reader interesting and imagine what is going on.

My favorite aspect of this book was when Doon and Lina was picking their jobs to work in the Ember. It was quite interesting to me because they actually don't get to choose there own job. Lina pick pipe worker, and Doon pick messenger. However they both don't like there jobs. Luckily, because they don't like there job, they trade there job and they'd like there new job now. The all familiar question of reader of Ember: Why Doon want to be a pipe worker? What is going to happen next? Why Ember are having blackouts? Where are Ember?

I also tell you that Ember heavily depends on electricity, and its running out of it. There only food is canned food. The city is dying, everyone knows it. When Lina finds a secret box that her great grand father have left with letter in it, and it was secret of the Ember. However, unfortunately, it was chew by her sister, poppy. Doon and Lina try to find what is the secret mean.

I also really liked the setting of the ember, the dark moon, only shining on the top of the Ember, no lights, dark, deep darkness. I can't spoil where it is but, there are blackout. There are only Ember, the light of the world, there are noting beside Ember. At unknown region, there are only infinity of darkness.

Overall, this is an easy read that adventurous, fun and it keep my eyes on the book whole time i read the city of Ember.

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