Book Review: Stone Fox

Stone Fox
Gardener, John Reynolds
5 stars = Bohemian Rhapsody Awesome!

I liked Stone Fox because it's about a boy who has a very sick grandfather who is sick so he has to save him but no one knows why. Then Willy finds out why, it was because they were bankrupt and Willy enters a race which will get him $500.00. Willy races against the greatest dog-sled racer on earth. I liked the book because it was really exciting and intense at parts.

Reviewer's Name: 
Joseph S.


SPOILER: My 4th grade son was excited to read this book about sled dogs. He read the first half this morning, and thank God I had the intuition to read ahead to the end. The build up to the last few pages is chock full of positive emotions, which are ripped away from the reader by a few simple sentences of wholly gratuitous violent death. The reader is left shocked - an emotion made all the more painful by the heart-wrenching illustration on the next page - and unrelieved by any sense of fulfillment or resolve at the end. I was personally crushed by this book and am greatly relieved I'll be able to prevent my son feeling the same.

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