Book Review: Storm

MacHale, D.J.
4 stars = Really Good

This book is the second book of an awesome post-apocalyptic trilogy that I read last summer. The book takes place after the protagonist, Tucker Pierce and his associates escape Pemberwick island. They found the need to escape after an assumed military branch (SYLO) took control of the island because of sickness. When they reach the mainland, they discover that no one is left. As if things cannot get worse, they find a black UFO like plane (from the first book) and discover that it bears the U.S. air force logo. Because SYLO seeks to destroy these planes, they conclude that a second civil war could be under way.

After this discovery, Tucker and his friends set out on a cross country quest for vengeance, and to find out what happened to the entire country, one death defying event after another.

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