Book Review: An Unwanted Guest

Lapena, Shari
5 stars = Bohemian Rhapsody Awesome!

An Unwanted Guest is a fantastic mystery novel that will consume readers till the very end! This book will make you want to stay up all night trying to figure out who the murderer is. An Unwanted Guest is a thriller that consumed me for many hours. This novel is set in a remote countryside motel where the main characters come to spend their weekend to serve as a getaway from their busy lives. At first everyone seems to enjoy the peace and lack of internet connection. But as the first victim is found, the uncertainty, panic, and fear kick in among the guests. A large snowstorm makes it impossible for any new guests or the police to arrive at the scene, so certainly the murderer must be among them! The question is who? I would highly recommend reading this book, especially if thrillers and mysteries are something you enjoy reading. I found this book to be surprising and I really liked the rural setting that this novel is set in. Finally, I really enjoyed the way that the dark secrets of each character is slowly unveiled to the reader throughout the course of the book.

Reviewer's Name
Ananth S.