Most titles in PPLD's collection can be placed on hold. You will need to place a hold if the title is checked out or if it's available but at a different location.

How to Place a Hold

  • Search the Catalog for the title.
  • On the results list, there will be a "Place Hold" button to the right of the title.
    • OR you ca click on the title and the "Place Hold" button will be on the right in the details window. What's neat about this is you can see the number of holds and the number of copies.
  • If you are logged into the Catalog, you will be prompted to select a pick-up library.
  • If you aren't logged in, you will be prompted for your library card and PIN as well as the pick-up library.
  • Click "Place Hold" and then "OK" and you're good to go.
  • Your Library and Digital Holds can be viewed in the Holds section of “My Account.”

How to Suspend a Hold

You can suspend Library holds that are not available yet. You still rise up the hold queue when the hold is suspended, but it doesn’t become available until the “unsuspend” date.

Here's how you do it:

  • Log in to My Account.
  • Click on the Holds tab to view Library holds.
  • Select the title you'd like to suspend and click the "Suspend Hold(s)" button at the bottom of the list.
  • Enter the start and end dates for the suspension.
  • To cancel your hold suspension, select the title you'd like to unsuspend and click the "Cancel Hold Suspension(s)" button at the bottom of the list.

How to Cancel a Hold

You can cancel a Library hold you no longer want. This will allow the next patron to receive the item more quickly.

Here's how you do it:

  • Log in to My Account.
  • Click on the Holds tab to view Library holds.
  • Select the title you'd like to cancel and click the "Cancel Hold(s)" button at the bottom of the list.
  • Be careful to not click on the Select All box otherwise you will cancel all holds.


We do send emails when holds are available, when items are due, and at 1/2/4 week overdue intervals. If you are not receiving the email notices, we may not have your email address or may need to correct it. Please check with library staff to verify the email address. They can also initiate further troubleshooting to verify that notices were emailed if the email address is correct.

How can I find what dates I've set for each suspend hold on my account?

If you view the holds tab in your online account, the suspended items will have a little calendar icon to the left side of the book jacket image for the title. Hover over the calendar icon with your mouse and the suspended dates will display just under your cursor.

On holds I receive the message "Privilege has expired". how do I have this reinstated.

Hi there. Library cards expire every three years. To reinstate your card, please bring photo ID and proof of address to your nearest library location.

I get this message when trying to place a hold (ebook): "eResource has encountered an unknown error while placing your request."
I deleted an ebook I had on hold and tried again and was able to hold the item; however, when trying to place another ebook on hold I received that message again. Is there a limit to the number of ebooks that can be placed on hold?

The limit for holds on Overdrive is 30. If you have less than 30 holds, but are still having trouble placing items on hold, please contact us.

I'm going out of town for longer than the 3 day period to download an ebook. I've tried to find the answer but not finding anything in regard to ebooks. Is there a way to suspend ebook holds while I'm away?

Hi there. We're sorry, Overdrive doesn't offer hold suspension. Perhaps this will be a feature eventually, just not at this point. Hope this helps.


I was just wondering what are reasons that a hold would not be allowed? I am nowhere near my limit on books, dvds, or anything really. I have no fines. It's not a big deal really, I just find it kind of weird.

Used to receive a telephone call when a hold became available. Is this no longer done? It didn't happen recently.

Hi there. Please call 719-389-8968, give staff your library card number and PIN, and we'll look into it.

I've been on hold for a book for weeks. It says "on hold at van." What does that mean? It never seems to move.

Hi, I hope someone can help me.
I'm trying to place books on hold from my account but it keeps saying 'hold not allowed'. I have it set to pick up at Old Colorado City Library. I've yet to use my card so I don't have any fines. And I'm pretty sure I have a year left till it expires.
Thank you.

Hi there. I'm sorry you are having problems placing a hold. Please call 719-389-8968 for assistance.

I am not able to place books on hold. I don't owe any fines and only have 4 books checked out none of which are currently due.

Hi. I have a question about the pickup date for holds. For example, I have a book on hold, the status says it's available for pickup, and must be picked up by 7/19. Does that mean it has to be picked up before the 19th, or by close of business on the 19th? Thank you.

I just called Sand Creek library about that and they let me know I need to pick it up by a few hours before closing on the day of pickup. Had the same question, figured I'd ask least let others know.

You have until the 7th day, however the circulation desk will start pulling your holds off the shelf that afternoon (if not picked-up). So, in you scenario, you have to pick-up your holds NO LATER than noon 7/19.

How long do I have to download my digital hold and how long can I keep the book?

Hi there. OverDrive checks out books for 3 weeks at the most (there are options for less time). Freading checks out books for 2 weeks.

How long does it typically take to get holds transferred to my pickup library if the books are available?

Hello, thanks for your question!
There are several mitigating factors, for example: time of day hold was placed or which library branch it's going to. Typically, if an item is on the shelf and no one browsing checks it out, it will arrive within 24 hours.

Thank you.