How do I renew an item I have checked-out?

Renewing an item extends its due date. You can renew many items up to two times, as long as no one else is waiting to check it out.

There are three ways to renew your items:


  1. Click on "My Account"
  2. Enter your library card number and PIN
  3. Click on "Checkouts" and view Library Checkouts
  4. Use the checkbox to select the items you'd like to renew and click "Renew Selected Items"
  5. You will receive a confirmation if the renewal is successful, or a message if the item(s) could not be renewed

Text Message
If you are signed up to receive text messages from the Library, you can reply to the Reminder Notice text to renew items noted in the text message. Click here for more details.

In Person
Visit any Library and renew your items in person. You will either need the items or your library card to use this method.