Book Review: Mockingjay

Collins, Suzanne
3 stars = Pretty Good

Mockingjay is the third book to the Hunger Games trilogy. Katniss finds herself stuck in between a rebellion and the future of Panem. It is discovered that Katniss was rescued by District 13, which is an underground district that joined the rebellion against the capitol. Katniss is fighting for her loved ones yet again, and against the capitol directly. She is chosen as the symbol for the rebellion, but she doesn’t know if that is what she wants.
This book wasn’t my favorite out of all three, but I recommend reading it because it is still a good book. Definitely read the other two books before this one, so you can understand what is going on. Mockingjay is one of the more emotional books from this trilogy, but it still keeps you on edge like the other two.

Reviewer Grade: 8th

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