Book Review: We Are Okay

LaCour, Nina
4 stars = Really Good

We Are Okay is a beautifully written novel about depression and trauma from the perspective of Marin, a girl who ran off to college shortly after her grandfather's death. It's also about Mabel, her childhood best friend, and the evolution of their relationship. The book explores these themes through artful language, flawless dialogue, and many small acts of service; where it falls short, however, is the plot itself. I adore the book, but the big reveal of the grandfather's secret falls painfully flat. What should have been the climax of the novel, as foreshadowed from the very first page, is reduced to a few vague sentences alluding to greater truths. Marin claims to have "never known her grandfather," yet as a reader, I don't understand why she feels that way. Due to its design, the novel simply demands for a clearer climax without messy time-jumps. I was disappointed that a near-perfect book couldn't pack a punch with its climax, but the well-written characters and relationships make it worth the read anyway.

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