Artists of the Knight: Darla Slee

Darla Slee is a Colorado Springs-based artist and has been a resident of Colorado since the age of two. As a child, she spent many hours drawing and making paper toys for herself. These early pastimes engendered in her a lifelong passion for creating art. Darla has taken various drawing classes, but remains in many ways self-taught.

The concepts for her drawings spring from her imagination, which is fed by a love of books, folklore, and history. She enjoys creating fantastical realms with fun characters in order to delight, provoke thought, or leave the viewer feeling unsettled. She lives in the Springs with her witty husband and black cat, Hecate.

This video and gallery contain nudity as part of visual art pieces, and may only be considered appropriate for ages 18+. Viewer discretion advised.

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Artists of the Knight: Darla Slee

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