Auto-renewals begin February 11

Have you heard about auto-renewals? Beginning Mon., Feb. 11, 2019, PPLD will save you the step of renewing your checkouts.

The day before items are due, the library’s system will automatically renew them if there are no holds and they haven’t already been renewed twice.

There are some exceptions to the materials that can be automatically renewed, including:

  • Rapid Read, Rapid View
  • eBooks, eAudios
  • Equipment
  • Interlibrary Loans

Patrons will receive an email notice letting them know what, if anything, was renewed as well as the new due date.


People cannot do this themselves? Come now, it is not very difficult. You should have a way for individuals to turn off this "feature".

We understand that some patrons will prefer to manage their own renewals and there is a method to opt out of the automated renewal process. Please call (719) 389-8968 or visit a service desk at any of our locations and we can take care of that for you. For a lot of patrons, automated renewal eliminates one task among many others that have to be done in a day. This is one of several steps we have taken to remove barriers to our services.

THANK YOU!!! What a terrific service -- making life easier for avid readers.

I wish the auto renewal would take place on the day something is due. Because the system renews a day early, it shortens the total length of time something can be checked out.

Morning Lisa,
The library had a discussion about when items should auto renew and it was decided that it would be best to give patrons a day in advance notice so items could be returned before they became overdue. Patrons who would like to opt out of the auto renewal may talk to staff at their local branch.

Thank you

Thanks, that's a great time saver for us. I think for 99% of patrons this is a huge boon.

You all are doing SUCH a wonderful job being accessible to your community. I know a family who has struggled with homelessness with several kids in school and your policy of no-late fees allowed her to get back to being a library user. She just couldn't risk having late fees.
THANK YOU for what you do for Colorado Springs!

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