Community Exchange at The Hall at PPLD

Community Exchange

Community Exchange: Every Friday from 1 - 4 p.m. at The Hall at PPLD (formerly known as Knights of Columbus Hall)


Community Exchange is driven by non-profit and governmental organizations who exchange their time and expertise to members of the community that are in need. The program is intended to connect individuals and families with a variety of resources at no cost and in one accessible location. 

Organizations such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Springs Rescue Mission, Homeward Pikes Peak, and many others aim to provide information and tangible resources for issues such as food security, shelter, and housing assistance, education, and workforce development. Community Exchange is also dedicated to providing creative outlets to assist with personal growth and community building through creative therapy groups such as [In]Rich and Poetry Heals. 

Click here for a list of events and participating organizations.

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