Library Express Closing

Library Express

On Wednesday, August 30, the Library Express facility at the First and Main Town Center will be permanently closed. The library material return drops will remain at that location indefinitely. Library Express items may be returned to any PPLD location, including the drops at First and Main.

The decision to close Library Express was made because the limited usage it receives no longer justifies the cost and time of maintaining the facility.

Library Express opened in in February 2011 to provide our patrons an access point on the busy Power Corridor. PPLD will continue to explore options for providing Library service to that area.


My wife and I discovered the Library Express several weeks ago after moving to COS. We absolutely loved the selection and used it continuously getting a new movie every 3 days. We called it the free RedBox or simply the FreeBox. We told all our friends about it also. We are very sad to see it close. It would be great if you could move it to another location. Maybe put it outside another library, so people could still enjoy the movie selections.

Hi, Cory.

Sorry to hear of your disappointment. Unfortunately, the Library Express vending machine has been out of order frequently over the years and our ability to maintain it successfully has been limited. Also, our vendor support has been somewhat sporadic. We do offer DVDs (including Rapid Views, recent releases that check out for three days) at all of our libraries. If you live along the Powers Corridor, the nearest PPLD locations are East, Ruth Holley, and High Prairie libraries. (You can find a complete list at We will continue to explore new and effective methods for providing access to our materials, but maintaining our DVD dispensers became untenable (including ones that we had inside several of our libraries).

Take care,


Hello Cory,
besides the library locations that Jeremiah has mentioned in his reply to you, you may also want to check out the schedule and locations of the Mobile Library. The bookmobiles stop all over town and in the county to offer access to library materials. Some stops are at retirement homes, schools, parks, and shopping centers. Anyone is welcome. You can place items on hold and have them delivered to the location of your choice.

So thankful that you are keeping the drop box, it has saved us a lot of time in returning items, especially appreciate it in the winter months.

When is the Powers corridor going to get a library? It's ridiculous there isn't already one built. All these thousands and thousands of people have to trek all over town to get to a library, but the Briargate one got an upgrade or whatever was done to it a couple years ago,

My name is William Cronan and I tried to return a book 2 months ago, however the kiok was locked and I couldn't return the book. So, I guess this is a good manuover, however I hope the kiosk remains available for returns. An interested library patron, Will Cronan

Many of us like to use alternative transportation (walking and biking especially) and a branch library on Powers between Barnes and Constitution would be great, even a small one to start with, to serve the thousands of us living near there. Biking and walking to the existing branches usually involves a long distance and/or dealing with large hills. I use the bookmobile for holds pickups, but the selection for impromptu borrowing from them is very limited. I'm glad you'll be keeping the dropbox at First and Main, thanks for that.

Just moved back to the Springs, on Powers and am saddened to hear of the Express closing! I would have used it, as the first thing I always do is head to the library!

Hello im wondering about something. I know this article is saying its permanently closing/or may be closed already but that you can still return finished books and movies there. Well my question is how will ppld get their items back regardless of which library it goes to if people were to drop their items off here. My library trips are very scarce now i can hardly make it in person and was wondering alternative options to return books

I never have used this service but always thought of it. If its closed how will ppld register that people have returned their books in the book drop

When will the Powers corridor get a library branch? We used the mobile thing, but it had an issue with the wrong books being checked out, so we stopped.

It seems really odd that there isn't one over here - the Whole Foods building is still vacant....there's a plot of land vacant on Akers & N. Carefree with a sale sign - the golf course is being turned into a housing development, East of Marksheffel is getting more and more shopping, the huge new Challenger homes being built there, the homeless Veterans housing near HWY 24, new homes going up everywhere....thousands of residents.

Falcon has a branch, Callhan is getting one? Briargate got a remodel...some of the older branches could use sprucing up and more activities for youth too, but this is a huge, growing, popular area, and it just seems so weird that Denver could put sort of, "Pocket," branches in many of its smaller neighborhoods, yet there's not one close to here.

This area serves a large military population, a large elderly population, families, and everyone in between. Having a free center where teens could go, like the other areas, would greatly benefit the students here, and it would benefit those who are no longer driving as the bus service is abysmal.

I think many in the community would like a public answer from the powers that be, as to why this area - part of which (80922) was listed as one of the hottest zip codes in the nation last year, continues to go neglected by this public service.

I agree, the Whole Foods and Fox and Hound buildings would make excellent new library branches. Even the old Velocity Comics spot just a few steps down from the dropbox would be good if only for picking up holds. I really hope they will consider opening a Powers Branch.

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